Your Kids In The Story

Are you looking to celebrate the uniqueness of your children?

Or perhaps increase your child’s self esteem, build vocabulary skills and teach them how to spell his or her name?

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If so, you’re not alone. And the good news is, with the right personalized books that celebrate the uniqueness of your children, you’ve got a GREAT, FUN, personal story to help!

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He loves hearing his own name in the story...

He loves hearing his own name in the story…

After clicking on the image above, you’ll be taken to the massively successful personalized books created by Maia Haag and her husband Allan.

These books are of such high quality, with fun stories and even educational, they were even featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America.  They are loved by celebrities like Brooke Shields and Courtney Cox.

Check out this short video:

As you can see, these Personalized books are more than just a book with a child’s name in them.  These books really draw the children in and make them part of the story.  Parents love to read these to their kids and the kids are thrilled to hear their own names in such fun stories.

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